Do you know who you are? Your whole life people have been giving you their reflection. For most of us, this is like looking in a series of mirrors at a carnival. We are shown who we “should be.” We are compared to our parents, our peers, and the social standards in the media. We are compared to our partners’ hopes and expectations. We are compared to the demands of our jobs and roles.

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and knew unequivocally you were looking at yourself?

Soul Map Readings are meant to reveal and remind you of who you are. What is your life about? What are the qualities that are unique to you? What job were you meant for? What brings you alive? What things are slowly draining you? Are the rules you have for yourself a reflection of the being that you are?

These Intuitive Readings, where I access and channel your guides, do not need to be taken on faith. You will feel in your body what is true. For example, you may experience a deep sense of relief, cry tears you weren’t expecting, or have a laugh bubble up from somewhere deep in your body.

Within the hour of our reading things will start to shift within you and in your life. Whatever your life looks and feels like right now, there is a reason for it. Perhaps you are a naturally intuitive person who has been trained to only trust what you can control and plan. Perhaps you have been forcing yourself into habits and routines that defy your nature. Perhaps your self doubt has kept you trapped in relationships and roles that will not let you move forward. If you are in pain, the question is if it is a “useful” discomfort (like birth,) or if it is because you are off path. The soul does not like to be twisted and contorted, just like your hand does not like to be bent backwards. Your life does not lie.

Most people, even when surprised by the content of their reading, tell me the information feels familiar. Somewhere deep within us we know who we are, why we are here, and how we set up the adventure. In a world that glorifies logic we have become overly reliant on our minds- specifically the left hemisphere. Unfortunately, this part of our mind is like a computer that can only access stored files. It takes the vantage point of something less limited to see what is possible and what is really happening. I feel like we all deserve to know who we are, when we may find love, what potential paths are available to us, and what our lives are about. It would be a very different world if we acted from what was truthfully inside of us instead of what we thought we should be doing. I long to live in that new world and I am honored to help create it with the gifts I have been given.