Press converage of my work has included:

Newspaper and Magazine Articles: The Portland Mercury, Just Out, WWeek (voted best of Portland twice,) Drawing it out, Good Vibrations, Clean Sheets, & Hip Mamma
Radio interviews: Sexy, Soulful, and Rich, KBOO, Radio 8 Ball, The Female Voice

People share their experience:

During a reading with Isis, you can count on three things: (1) You will get the truth. There is no airy fairy, New Agey bullcrap. There is only accurate and timely information that is directly relevant for your current life. Even when it is hard to hear, you can’t help but feel the truth in it. You know it is a message specifically for you. (2) You will laugh (and you might cry). Even in the process of delivering divine insights, Isis can’t help but be herself, and she is inherently hilarious and joyful. Because she can maintain her personality during the session, she is able to ground the reading in reality and humanity. As a result, you can more easily see the folly of your struggles and find compassion for yourself. (3) You will feel loved. In addition to being an exceptional conduit of information, Isis is also a wonderful conduit of divine love. During a session, she is so present and so heartfelt, that you cannot help but feel really seen and loved, even at your most vulnerable. It's an incredible gift. -Kelly

From the minute our session ended, or perhaps more accurately within the first 15 minutes of our session, things started shifting…I feel like portals have opened up in the best energetic, spiritual ways. I've been passing your info on to some friends, highly encouraging them to book a session with you. –Jane

I could say a great deal about the clarity, beauty, accuracy and generosity of Isis and the reading she gave me, but probably the best testimony I can offer is that, within a matter of hours (not days) of her reading, my life had changed for the better.  Her reading provided me with courage, guidance and inspiration to make necessary decisions,  clear blockages and reach for a healthier future.  Isis is a psychic and healer of astounding capacity and courage. If you are ready to dive for the pearl, Isis knows the waters! " -Liz

Come into your core, raw, authentic self and hold steady there.  Discover how safe you feel when you stop protecting and open fully, fearlessly, into life.  Isis has a gift for seeing you, and holding up your reflection in such a way that you cannot look away, only recognize and marvel at the spark of God within.  She will meet you at your level, wherever you are, and with a sure hand guide you deeper.  There are no limits to your personal power, no point where you stop.  To work with Isis is to discover the truth of that statement. Isis was the catalyst for my psychic awakening. - Sarah (Body Insights)

"Isis is totally present and tuned in to your energy. She gracefully gifts you with her intuitive download about your life.... where you have been, where you are, where you are going. She is like a warm friend, guiding you to what you wish to see but could not uncover for yourself! Everything she told me was right on... in fact, I was so delighted that we laughed, a lot! She also took a few minutes to physically release some tense karmic spot on my spine... it sent chills and revitalization.. and, I laughed again like a happy child. Get a session with Isis, you will enjoy it!" –Sarah

Before I completed my reading, I really felt confused after such a troubled summer what my next steps should or could be. What I felt during my reading was that you didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I really needed to hear, and what I know to be true deep down, even though I preferred to look away, because the truth can be painful. Thank you again for being so nice and really making me feel comfortable during the reading. I really have listened to your advice and every day I look toward the things that make me feel light, and when feeling comes, I’m headed in the right directions. Thank you again! –Rosie

If you want to see your whole life flash before your eyes (in a good way) and for it all to make sense to you for the first time in your life, then you should get a psychic reading by Isis...The reading helped me understand myself and my life in ways that I always knew but never really fully embraced and acknowledged. It has brought deeper meaning to my life. Where I felt despairing or lacking in vision I now have an expanded view of myself, reality and God/Source, that provides...a profound sense of relief and peace.

Isis is an amazing young woman with intelligence, wisdom, beauty and transforming energy to offer the world, but the quality that most stands out in her work as a psychic (a person who acts as a conduit, a channel of Divine/Source) is her commitment to truth and integrity, which are without comparison and uncompromised. She is steadfast, true and unstoppable in her deep sincerity and honesty especially in seeking truth " -Angela