~ You are feeling off path or a bit lost. You have been searching for a sign and haven't found one.
~ You are no longer sure where you are making decisions from. Are the voices in your head yours or do they belong to other people?
~ You want confirmation that you ARE on path.
~ You need some answers

What it includes: 1 hour reading with a recording sent to you via e-mail.

Go deeper:

~ You feel that you want help and guidance to take the next step
~ The ground (whether internal or external) feels new or a bit shakey
~ You want to be accountable to putting your reading into action
~You want the freedom to ask more questions as your path unfolds

What it includes: Two readings where the last session may be split into two 1/2 hour sessions if desired
A recording will be sent to you via e-mail

Confront the shadows:

~ There are some big moments ahead (whether internal or external,) and you respect your fear enough to ask for help
~ You would like to be able to check in over a longer period of time
~ You want to make sure that in the steps ahead you do not wander away from yourself
~ You are ready to pierce through an old and familiar structure

What it includes: Two readings and two 1/2 hour readings for follow up and support. A recording of your readings will be sent to you via e-mail.


Commit to knowing, loving, and living as YOU:

This year long package offers you a reading every month. For consistency, each reading must be used during that month. This option is for people ready to make a big change. You will be lovingly be held accountable to orienting your life to YOU as opposed to learning how to fit into your life. A recording of your readings will be sent to you via e-mail.

€899 (€1,500 value)


Come together truthfully:

This package is for people in relationship. This relationship could be romantic, familial, or a friendship. Often love is disrupted by two people pretending to be other that they actually are. Misunderstandings are born from each individual subtely betraying themselves. This option would include two short individual readings and then one reading together. This option is an hour and a half and would require you are both in the same place. It is encouraged that you listen to the other person's reading as well.