What is the purpose of a reading?

Readings are meant to align you with yourself. We all need an inner voice and a source of wisdom we can trust. Otherwise our lives become untrustworthy. I talk so that you can finally hear yourself. I want you to wake up to what's true for you. I want you to hear the call of your longing. From there you can navigate from a place of clarity, joy, and strength.

Will you predict the future?

Sometimes. However, in my experience the future is always changing. We are navigating a spiderweb of choices. If you have been wandering the same path for a long time, the results of continuing on that path will be more obvious. If you are in a process of flux, then I will feel the energy of what's coming for you and some of the choices you will face. For example, is there one possible partner for you? No. There are people who will match the energy of what you long for, and the invitation and challenge is to intersect with them on the web. The dance is dynamic and require you to listen to the music.

What is the difference between doing a reading in person, via Skype or by phone?

For me connecting up to you and your guidance is like getting a wifi connection. The more I can feel of you the faster the connection is. I love doing in person readings, so if I am travelling in your area please do consider it. However, I have mostly given phone and Skype readings since my clientele is all over the world. If we are working remotely, I ask that you take a few minutes before our session to breathe and feel into your body. Try to rid yourself of distractions for that hour, and if you can, take an hour afterwards for yourself afterwards where you can integrate.

The information you offer is very intimate. Will you remember everything you have said about me afterwards?

No. The reading is for you. I am sometimes reminded of what I've said if we do other readings and it is relevant. Otherwise, I let it move through me and than I let it go. I am there as a voice and a translator, nothing more.

Do I have one reading or will this process require several readings?

It depends on what you would like. One reading is like jump starting your battery . You will have the energy and choice to move more clearly in the direction of who you are. However, we are human beings. Over time fear and self doubt may come in. I often work with people cyclically. For some people this is once a year. For others it is every few months. Please use my support and guidance in the way that is most useful for you.

Do you work as a medium and talk to the deceased?

Yes. I do not allow them into my body, so there will be no dramatic transformation like you see in the movies. However, if they are around and ask to talk to you, or you would like me to talk with them, I can tell you what they are saying. For some people this has brought tremendous peace, resolution and/or a sense of connection to their loved ones. Please ask me during a reading if you would like to talk with someone.

Can I record the session?

Yes. Absolutely! Often people record the session on their cell phone. Other people opt to take notes, or just listen.

Can I gift someone a reading?

Yes absolutely!

What aftercare do you suggest after a reading?

The information given is going to speak to a very deep and real level of who you are. It's not necessary to sit and think about it for hours, but if you can give yourself time to integrate, this will help you a lot. For example, maybe a walk in nature is a way you let go and feel supported. Perhaps you let things settle by cooking a meal or watching a move where you can just zone out. I would suggest you give yourself at least an hour to nourish yourself or be in a place where you feel relaxed and safe.