I was fortunate to grow up still hearing my guidance. I am sure there were times that the ability saved my life. Even when my choices looked risky to others, I knew without a doubt that they were correct. My life had a feeling of certainty to it. I knew I was held. I talked with my guides regularly about big things and small. I fell asleep in the presence of angels.

I'm reticent to say that it wasn't until several years ago that I really understood that most people are living their lives without a sense of navigation. I asked my friend "But how do people make decisions without hearing guidance? How do they deal with death without being able to talk to the deceased? (When people die they are often way nicer to communicate with.) How do they decide where to step when the road is rocky? He shrugged, trying to answer the essence of my questions. "I guess they think about things and make the most rational choices they can." I was horrified. "Well, that's an awful source of wisdom!"

One day, around that time, I heard very clearly "You are using your connection to source to try and avoid the human experience." It was true. I checked in about everything...what food to eat, how long a relationship would last etc. and I would always get an answer. Like most of us do, I was using every resource I could to avoid pain. I didn't want to "fail." Then I was told my guidance would stop talking to me until the "training wheels were removed." For several years I felt betrayed, alone, and lost. I was still able to give readings and check in for other people, so I knew those skills were still there, but I couldn't access them for myself. It was silent in my head except for my own thoughts.

Now that I've learned to surrender more deeply to my own humanity, guidance has turned the volume back on. (I am much more willing to "get messy with it" now.) However, having experienced that time of darkness and disconnection, (the space most people live in,) I feel even more passionately about offering you the experience of hearing your guidance. There is a support that is consistently there working with you, cheering you on, and cradling you in your pain. Like me, you will not get to avoid the experience of being human (after all that's why we are here,) however you do not have to feel alone or uninformed in your adventure. Guidance is a non-judgemental, loving source, that reflects who you truly are, and can give you information that will save you years of getting side tracked. When I channel for people and feel the flavor of their guides I know what their essence looks like- their true personality. For example, my guides are wise, mischevious, deeply loving, and see life as a giant playground.

As a funny side note- I'm not even remotely "airy fairy." I grew up a half hour from Manhattan and fought with the word "psychic" for most of my life. My Dad, an Engineer who went to MIT and was highly rational, laughed at me when I "came out" to him as someone with abilities. "I know Isis," he said. "I think the cat was out of the bag when you channeled my dead Mother. I've known for a long time."

In addition to giving Intuitive readings I have been trained in Body Psychotherapy, Tantra, and am certified in Thought Pattern Management, Thai Massage, Quantum Touch, a Reiki Master and a graduate of the Knightsbridge Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP. I have a counseling practice and have taught workshops worldwide for over ten years. I am a student of what it means to love, and I have learned some of my most poignant lessons while teaching and channeling. I am excited to possibly work with you!