Soul Map sessions are an opportunity to be truly seen. Not as you think you should be, but as you actually are. From here we can create a plan to guide you back into alignment with yourself.

Pieces we will look at include:

- Your sense of purpose and/or work life
- The love or lack of love in your day to day life
- The expectations you have of yourself vs. what it would look like to live as you actually are

In each reading I will draw upon my experience as an intuitive, body centered counselor, hypnotherapist, energy worker, and specialist in Kundalini to give you the right mix of information to support you.

There are only 10 openings for Soul Map readings/packages this year! So, do register now:)

A. 1 hour Soul Map session via Skype- $125
B. 1 hour Soul Map session via Skype plus a 45 minute follow up call -$180
C. 2 Soul Map sessions and a 45 minute follow up call -$250 ($60 savings)

" I could say a great deal about the clarity, beauty, accuracy and generosity of Isis and the reading she gave me, but probably the best testimony I can offer is that, within a matter of hours (not days) of her reading, my life had changed for the better.  Her reading provided me with courage, guidance and inspiration to make necessary decisions, clear blockages and reach for a healthier future.  Isis is a healer of astounding capacity and courage. If you are ready to dive for the pearl, Isis knows the waters! " –Liz

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